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The Metamorphosis of Nicole Ch. 02

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It was mid August, and Nicole was sitting in her new apartment gazing out of her window thinking about all that had gone down. Her Uncle Brad and Aunt Lori had helped her move into the apartment, however they at least buckled and decided to let her finish out the summer at their home.

Amber was off to college and she wasn’t able to go to school as close as she had hoped. She missed Amber already. Nicole got into bed early and decided that tomorrow would bring a new day, and she would find a job and start her new life.

For the next 2 days she searched and searched, and went to interview after interview. The only offer she got was from a fairly well established restaurant chain who asked her to be a waitress. It was a little disappointing but she took it, as she had to pay the rent. She worked there for several months and got to know everyone gradually.

She had always been so quiet, until she really had been around somebody for a while, and this time in her life was no exception. Her only real friends in the city were two fellow waitresses, Angela and Anna. Even with them though, she was very lonely, as their friendship outside of work was very limited.

Then one October day, she got to work and she saw him. He was standing in the managers office, and was the most handsome guy she’d ever seen! He had brown hair and appeared to be about 5’11”. More strikingly though, was his build and his athletic appearance. He had huge muscular arms, obviously from lifting weights and working out a lot. She noticed Anna over at the cash register area, and she asked her, “Who is that?”, as she pointed at the new stranger in the managers office.

Anna said, “His name is Curt, he is a manager trainee from Ohio, he’s going to be here for 4 months to train before he goes back to a new store in his hometown.” Then she added, “Don’t even think about it, I’ve heard he’s engaged!” Nicole thought to herself, he’s not married though.

Over the next several weeks she made it a point to force herself to talk to him frequently and become friends with him. It even got to the point where one night they went out for coffee after work. It was innocent enough, but it was a big step.

However he made a point of reminding her that he was engaged and this wasn’t a “date”, as he didn’t want to lead her on. It didn’t matter to Nicole, she knew what this really meant. Their friendship was at a new level, and she was one step closer to having him.

Then the next step would happen on Thanksgiving weekend, when there was a major snowstorm. There was blizzard like conditions in the city, her apartment wasn’t very close to her work, and she had to be back at work fairly early the next day. Curt’s apartment was practically next door, and they were closing together that night. Curt offered to let her stay at his apartment that night and she accepted. She thought this could be her big night!

They got to his apartment and he made them some sandwiches to eat, when he noticed that she had some ketchup on her shirt from helping clean up one of her tables. He offered to do some laundry for her, so when she went to work tomorrow, her shirt would be clean and the head manager, Phil, wouldn’t throw a fit about the cleanliness of his staff again. She agreed and went to the bathroom to disrobe.

Curt handed her his bathrobe to wear. Nicole took all of her clothes off, and put the robe on. It turned her on to hand him her panties and other clothes, making him realize that she was totally nude under that robe, not partially clothed. They watched some TV until it was time for Curt to put her clothes into the dryer, then he said, “We’d better get some sleep now, you can have the bed.”

Nicole said, “No, I just wouldn’t feel right, you take the bed and I’ll stay on the couch.”

Curt said, “okay, if you insist, but you can’t say I didn’t offer.”

As he walked to the room, she had to touch herself while watching him walk away in those shorts. His legs were so muscular, she could picture him getting on top of her thrusting his cock deep inside her. She played with her pussy underneath the blanket on his couch, until she finally fell asleep that night.

She was awakened by Curt in the morning. Her right leg was hanging off the couch and she had a horrendous crick in her neck. It was hurting too bad for her to even care whether anything else was showing other than her bare right leg. Curt could tell that she was in pain. He said, “I told you that you should’ve taken the bed, this couch isn’t made for sleeping on if you ask me.”

Nicole said, “I just didn’t feel right about making you sleep on the couch.”

Curt said, “Would you like a little neck massage?”

“I could never turn one of those down, even if my neck wasn’t hurting”, she replied. Curt rolled the top of the robe down just enough to leave her neck well exposed for the massage. It also just exposed the top of her cleavage as well. Nicole’s neck started to feel better, and she forgot about the neck pain and more about how good it felt for him kartal escort bayan to finally have his hands on her bare skin.

It made her so hot, but she knew it would end soon as they needed to get ready for work. He stopped and asked her if it felt better and she nodded her head as to let him know that it did. She took a quick shower and they went to work.

After work that night, the roads were more passable and she made it back to her apartment. When she got there, there was a note on her door, it was from Amber, it said, “Sorry that I missed you, I was home for Thanksgiving break, maybe I’ll catch you around Christmas. I was going to surprise you. Love, Amber.” Nicole felt horrible that she had missed her cousin’s visit, she missed her so much. Now she really couldn’t wait for Christmas!

Next week on their days off, Curt was feeling rather lonely and he asked Amber out for a couple drinks. She reminded him that she had just turned 20, and she had another year to go. Curt told her, “I’ll take care of that, as long as you do want to drink with me. They went out and had fun that night, dancing, drinking and and lots of laughs. She took sips of his drinks when possible and they also had some beer in the car.

Afterward, they went back to Curt’s apartment, as Nicole had left her car there. Curt wouldn’t let her drive home though, as she was just a little too drunk. He told her she could just sleep it off at his apartment. Once again, where she would sleep would become an issue again. She insisted that he could sleep in his own bed, while Curt was just as adamant that she not sleep on the couch.

Nicole said, in her drunken state, “Do you really want me so bad that you can’t control yourself?”

Curt said, “No, we’re just friends, I mean I am engaged and all.”

“Then why can’t we just share the bed and try our best not to attack each other”, Nicole said as she laughed.

Curt said, “Yeah, I guess we can but we can’t tell anyone, I mean anyone, about this.”

Nicole said, “That’s fine with me.”

Nicole went around to the other side of the bed and Curt went in the room as well. To Curt’s astonishment, Nicole started disrobing and did it so quick that he couldn’t stop her. He figured they would just sleep with their clothes on but Nicole had other ideas. She slid her miniskirt off, and stripped off her blouse leaving nothing on but some tiny black panties and a black, lacy bra. Nicole looked at him as she got under the sheets, and she said, “What’s wrong?”

Curt said, “Your half naked!”

Nicole said, “Would you rather I be all naked?”

“No, that’s not what I meant”, Curt replied.

“I know that’s not what you meant, I was joking”, Nicole said. “I just think if you really aren’t attracted to me, and you really can control yourself, I would be just as safe in these as I would be in my clothes, and frankly I’m much more comfortable this way.”

Curt said, “Who said I wasn’t attracted to you?” “A guy would have to be crazy to not be attracted to you, it’s just that I am engaged and I love my fiancee, Laura, so much.”

Nicole said, “Well fine then, just get in bed and let’s get some sleep.” He got into bed and once again, Nicole had to dampen her fingers in her wet pussy. The thought that he was wearing nothing but some shorts, only about a foot away from her was turning her on. The thought of her touching herself with him so close was even more of a turn-on. However, she got up in the morning all hung over, with a note on the pillow, that said, “sorry, I had to get to work, and I knew you had one more day off, so I let you sleep. You can make yourself some breakfast with whatever you find in the fridge if you want. See you soon, Curt.”

Nicole went back to her apartment, and frankly nothing much went on over the next couple of weeks, until one day when she went to work and Curt’s fiancee, Laura was there. She had flown in to surprise him! Nicole felt sick to her stomach and about as jealous as a person could be. Laura was a cute little blonde, about 5’6″, with the face and body of a model. Nicole could see what he liked about Laura, but she just wanted to have Curt for herself. That night she went home feeling down and rejected only to find someone waiting at her door. It was Amber, who had just gotten back for her Christmas break. It seemed Amber was always there for her when she was in need, and this time was no exception.

They hugged each other, and Amber looked at her, and asked, “What’s wrong?” Amber could tell that Nicole was very upset.

Nicole said, “Let’s just go in”, as she pointed at the door. They went in and talked about Curt and Laura, and about everything that had been going on in both of their lives.

Finally Amber said, “I’ve got something to take your mind off of things tonight. She reached inside of her handbag and pulled out a sack, a brown paper sack to be exact. Then she reached into that sack and out came a huge sex toy, one that she had never seen up this close. She’s seen it in movies escort maltepe but not in person, it was a pinkish colored double headed dildo. Amber reached for her and pulled her into the bedroom.

Amber started taking Nicole’s clothes off, starting with her shirt and her bra. She then licked each one of her nipples, making circles around them with her tongue, and then kissing them. She licked every inch of her breasts, and then traced a line all the way to the top of Nicole’s pants with her tongue.

She undid Nicole’s pants, and slowly pulled them off, and laid her down on the bed. Amber pulled Nicole’s panties off, and got to business, as she licked every inch of Nicole’s pussy, smothering it with kisses and the fluttering of her tongue. Nicole had waited so long for this! All of the teasing that had gone on between her and Curt had built up inside of her and she was an orgasm waiting to happen. She grabbed Amber by her shoulders and turned her over almost in a wrestling type fashion.

It was her turn to give some pleasure to Amber, only she would do it in a more rough way. She quickly took Amber’s clothes off her body and she pulled Amber’s panties off with her teeth. She went into Amber’s hot steaming pussy like an animal who hadn’t eaten in a month. Amber’s hips were quivering, as Nicole had never been this way before, but she loved it. Amber was moaning so loudly that the neighbors had to have heard it!

Amber and Nicole’s bodies intertwined into the 69 position. Their sexual action had a rougher feel to it this time, as Nicole’s aggressiveness had rubbed off on Amber as well. She was going wild with her face in Nicole’s love hole now. They gradually shifted out of this position, and started kissing each other, sharing each other’s pussy juices that had collected in their mouths. Their tongues explored each others mouths like never before.

Amber said, “Now let’s get the toy out.” Amber pulled the double headed dildo from it’s package. She licked and sucked both sides of the dildo while Nicole looked on and played with her clit by using two fingers, with each of them sliding up and down both sides of it. As Amber made her way towards Nicole, she pushed her flat on her back, and she slipped one head of the dildo into Nicole’s pussy. Nicole let out a single moan, and panted ever so lightly.

Amber then positioned her torso over the other head, as she moaned with pleasure as well. They both then pushed their hips close together until both sides of the dildo filled their pussies totally. They gyrated and grinded their hips together and the sounds of their love for each other filled the room. After a good 15 minutes of this, they both exploded into violent orgasmic contractions, with pussy juices flying all over the bed.

They pulled off of the dildo, and collapsed into each other’s arms and fell asleep. The next morning, Amber said, “I’d better get back to my Mom and Dad’s, but I’ll see you again soon.”

Nicole and Amber kissed, and Nicole told her, “Goodbye, and don’t take so long to come back to see me this time.”

Amber said, as she laughed, “If this is how good the sex will be if I wait to see you, then maybe I should only see you every now and then.”

The next few weeks passed and it was about as depressing as it could be. Christmas time with no family, and no presents, just leaves you feeling so cold when everyone else seems to be happy and having fun. If it wasn’t for Amber this would’ve been the worst Christmas ever.

Finally, in early January, they were hit with a blizzard while she was at work again. After work she talked Curt into letting her stay at his apartment again, as Laura had went back home after the holidays were over. She knew it would just lead to a dead end of teasing and frustration, but for some strange reason she seemed to like it.

She once again needed laundry done, but this time it was on purpose, as she intentionally got some ketchup on her shirt and pants when she found out she was going to get to stay at his apartment. She got the robe on as before, and they once again had the talk about where to sleep. However since a precedent had already been set, it was a no-brainer that she would sleep with him, in his bed.

She said, “I’m bushed, you can stay up if you want but I’m going to bed.” He stayed up and watched the sports channel in the living room, and she got under the sheets in the bedroom. However she was busy rigging this up. She pulled the front layers of the robe away from her body leaving only her chest covered, then she covered herself with a sheet and pretended to be a sleep. She positioned her body where he would see her naked body when he lifted the sheets to get in bed.

A few minutes later, he was ready for bed, and Nicole was peeking as best she could without him noticing. He looked at her laying crooked in the bed and he smiled just nodding his head. He pulled back the sheets and his mouth dropped open.

Nicole’s trimmed bush was exposed to him for the first time, and as she peaked pendik escort at him you could see the beginnings of an erection visible through his shorts. He then rubbed it a little with his right hand. She thought she would startle him now, so she coughed, and acted like it woke her up. She looked at him as he tried to cover her back up with the sheet.

Nicole said, “What are you doing, getting an eye full?”

Curt said, “I was just trying to get to bed and you were exposed.”

Nicole said, “Oh, sorry, I guess I’m just a little wild when I sleep.”

Nothing else went on that night, but the sight of his cock making an impression through his shorts, and the sight of him touching himself while looking at her naked, made her so excited. She thought to herself I think I like this exhibitionism stuff!

Well the next real opportunity arose in early February, when Curt was having his going away party. The party was a lot of fun, but it was the next day that she as looking forward to as he wanted her to help him pack and they would go out on the town one more time.

Nicole was prepared for this, as this would be her one last chance to get in his pants. He couldn’t use any co-worker type ploy as he was now leaving, and she probably would never see him again. She got everything ready just as she wanted it and the night went off without a hitch. Just like the other time they went out, she got just tipsy enough, where he wouldn’t let her drive home, and she got to sleep in his bed one more time, just as she planned.

They got into the bedroom, and Nicole turned to Curt who was standing on the other side of the bed in his shorts. She looked him straight in the eye and took her dress off to expose the fact that she had lingerie on underneath. This time, she had a black see through bra, with her quarter size erect nipples peeking through, and she had a black garter belt, black fishnet stockings, and black lacy crotchless panties exposing her freshly shaven, pink pussy. Nicole laid down on the bed, and asked him, “Do you still trust yourself?”

Curt, got into bed, and cautiously said, “I think so.”

Nicole scooted towards him and said, “Many guys have that one last fling, or they sow their oats one more time, let me be that one last fling, and I won’t ask for anything more.” “You’ll probably never see me again anyway.”

Curt said, “It just isn’t right for me to treat Laura this way.”

Nicole said, “How about we just have oral sex, or at least not have any penetration, would that be okay?” She felt like maybe she could get it started this way and it would be too much for him to take, then she would get him inside her.

Curt said, “I just don’t know.”

She could feel the doubt in his voice so she took advantage of it and reached into his shorts and felt his hot throbbing cock for the first time. It wasn’t huge but it was decent size, and she stroked it until it got hard. Curt wasn’t fighting her off, he was just sitting there enjoying it. She knew she could take one more step so she got under the sheets, and pulled his shorts down, then she threw the sheets into the floor, and started sliding her tongue up and down his swollen rod.

He moaned, “Oh, baby that feels so good.”

She was enjoying it as well, licking around the head of his cock like it was a lollipop, and then sucking ever so lightly. She alternated back and forth between doing this and then trying to take his whole cock inside her mouth to the back of her throat.

She then arose and said now it’s your turn, as she sat on his face. pressing her pussy lips tightly on his mouth, as his tongue pressed through her slit sliding back and forth on her clit. She had waited so long for this, and her pussy juices were dripping all over his face. She then laid face down on his cock again, into a 69 position, with her stocking clad legs almost wrapped around his throat, as they explored each others sexual organs with their tongues and their mouths.

Curt pulled his face away and said, “I need to cum before I do something I’ll regret.”

Nicole said, “You want to fuck me don’t you.”

Curt said, “Yes I do, more than anything, but I can’t.”

Nicole said, “Okay I’ll make you cum but I want you to do something for me first.” “I want you to touch my clit with your cock, no insertion, just rub it up and down on my clit.”

Curt said, “I guess so.” He positioned his hips over hers and did as she said. It felt so good to finally have another cock touching her pussy even if he wasn’t inside her. The flesh on flesh feeling was so hot to her. She rotated her hips to move his cock all over her pussy as she moaned with pleasure. Then he exclaimed, “I feel like I’m starting to cum!” Nicole rose up and got to his cock quick, and started sucking on it feverishly, until he shot his wad deep into her throat. She held him close afterward until they fell asleep, and this time she was the one that left a note.

She wrote, “Curt, I love you more than I’ve ever loved any other man, but I respect you for loving Laura the way you do. If there’s ever a time you need me, or a time when Laura’s not in your life anymore let me know and I’ll be there for you. I can’t stand good-byes, so I thought I’d better leave while you were sleeping. Sorry, and I do love you, Nicole.”

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