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The Tabitha Files Pt. 01

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Authors Note: The events of this series roughly follow on the Black Panther series, written last decade(!), but are not sequels. The only link is that Tabitha, who was my fuck buddy for a time and the protagonist in the third and final story of that series, is given her own series here as I describe her sexual evolution under my guiding influence. The setting, the period, the town, the characters are real and everyone is over the age of 18. Enjoy.


As readers of the third and final entry in the Black Panther series may recall, Ruth – the Black Panther because of this enormous tattoo of a Panthera pardus on her torso – was interested in an FFM threesome. She had previously told me that the best sexual experience she ever had was eating out a girl while being arse fucked by a man. Tabitha, young, nubile and sexually open, had expressed interest in an FFM threesome and I attempted to arrange it with Ruth but for several reasons that are not important to this story, it never took place.

This series picks up a few months later. I was still living in the south coast town of Albany in Western Australia, was still resident at the house on Mount Clarence with sweeping views of Princess Royal Harbour and still worked at the bank but had recently been promoted from telling (which I sucked at) to the service desk (which I excelled at). And I was single.

Ruth moved on and Tabitha had cheated on me. The former was disappointing as Ruth was total filth but not really take home to Mother material while the latter’s infidelity didn’t really phase me for reasons today that I don’t need to explain. I feigned outrage, of course, at the act that Tabitha honestly confessed and we “broke up” except that we didn’t really. We retained a close friendship and knocked about on occasion. Despite being under the legal drinking age she had a licensed car and regularly drove my roommates and I around when we needed it and she attended our house parties where she often drank to excess (vodka and Sambuca were her weapons of choice). Despite all this social interaction, no sexual activity took place between us.

All that changed one night when I entertained Tabitha and her friend Sarah at my place. On the night in question, we decided to watch some movies (VHS at the time) over some drinks (naturally). My roommates were out of town helping the farming community with the grain harvest and so there were two rooms spare for Tabitha and Sarah to avoid drink driving. We visited the local video store earlier where we chose some R18+ titles such as Romper Stomper starring a very young Russell Crowe and the Sharon Stone classic Sliver. Both Tabitha and Sarah blushed when I suggested this last one. I’d seen it before obviously, they hadn’t but knew of it. I purchased our alcohol, bundled it in the boot, jumped in the car and Tabitha drove us all back to my place.

Sarah was Tabitha’s oldest friend whom I had met before at one of our house parties. She was short and plump with curly black hair down to her shoulders. She had a plain but benign face with light freckles on each cheek. She was pleasant enough, rarely had an opinion on anything, somewhat shy and none too bright. What she did possess were enormous boobs and a juicy butt. Sarah was also dowdy in dress wearing long, thick woolly jumpers all the time, invariable blue in colour and jeans. My roommates and I jokingly named her as well Smelly Jumper Sarah behind her back because she appeared to wear the same jumper each time we saw her.

Tabitha was the very opposite of her friend. She was taller than Sarah but not above average, slim and very shapely with long, slender legs, curved arse, firm, round and large breasts that stood to attention, and broad shoulders (from beach swimming). Tabitha had long, mousey-brown hair that fell to just below her shoulders. On occasion, her ears would peek out between the fine strands of hair, giving her an elven look. She had pleasant, humorous eyes that were hazel in colour, a generous mouth and best of all, a thin aquiline nose with an exquisite curve. Tabitha laughed easily and often, was clutzy, drank like a demon and fucked like a beast. Sober, she was more submissive and expected to be taken when the man was ready.

Being born and raised in Albany, an isolated town, both Sarah and Tabitha held parochial attitudes, had little ambition and were slow at maturing; traits I found irritating. By contrast, I was worldly, having travelled far and wide both with my parents and as an independent adult and, thanks to my relationship with the Oracle-like Jean (from the story The Fling) was ambitious and driven.

Once home, we fixed ourselves drinks and nibbles, set up the VCR and sat down to the first of a marathon movie night. None of us had any inkling about how that night would turn out. The first couple of movies were chick flicks, all very mundane, followed by the passable Judge Dredd then Sliver. The room lights were out of course when the movie began, and Sharon canlı bahis Stone made her entrance in glorious CRT clarity. Sarah was sitting in the wicker chair to my left close enough for our elbows to brush whereas Tabitha and I were seated on the wicker lounge. As mentioned, I’d seen this movie before and knew what to expect: passionately intense but staged sex scenes wrapped around a rather plodding storyline. Nevertheless, those scenes were, like in Basic Instinct, very erotic to us young adults when first watched (I was nearly 21 and the girls were 18).

As the housewarming party scene played out, I noticed from the corner of my eyes that both Tabitha on my right and Sarah on my left were squirming and fidgeting. The onscreen flesh-on-flesh action appeared to be stimulating them as it was me. I swear, at one point, Sarah let out a whimper as she shifted uncomfortably in the wicker chair. Tabitha took a big gulp of vodka neat and disguised her arousal by the burning exhale. I kept still as my bulge grew underneath my jeans, nonchalantly taking sips from my beer. The temperature in the room had ratcheted up a notch.

As soon as the action began then it disappointedly ended. The tension in the room lessened and I sensed unconscious disappointment from my two female companions. I knew that another hot scene was in the offing, but it seemed to take an agonisingly long time to arrive. As the dull and directionless plot ground on, more alcohol was drunk. At this point in the evening, the beer was having effect on me and so I can only imagine what neat vodka and bourbon cokes were having on Tabitha and Sarah respectively.

And then the next sex scene erupted onto the screen; the flesh, the groans, the action, the sweat, the passion. All eyes were glued on the actors and their simulated sex, no one blinked. Blood was flowing from all extremities and being concentrated in sensitive areas; pulses quickened, pupils dilated, breath shortened.

I was completely engaged and fully erect beneath my jeans when I was suddenly hit by a jolt of electricity through my body. Tabitha had sidled up to me and placed a hand high on my thigh not far from my throbbing cock. I tore my eyes from the CRT and looked across to her, but her eyes were transfixed to the onscreen action. Her hand was initially still but then suddenly moved straight for the bulge. I exhaled sharply but loud enough for Sarah to notice above the sweaty groans and the accompanying soundtrack.

Tabitha stoked my mound with some urgency and deftly pulled down the zipper of my jeans. Fingers slipped inside, now only one thin layer of fabric between them and my cock. I tentatively placed my right arm around her shoulder and motioned her closer to me. There was no resistance. As he laid her head against my shoulder, she withdrew her left hand from my cock and replaced it with her right for comfort.

As the onscreen fucking intensified, Tabitha withdrew her fingers from my zipper and expertly undid the clasp of my jeans. Now she had better access, what would her next move be? She opened both wings of my jeans, located the top of my boxer shorts, fumbled to separate fabric from skin and slipped inside. Now there was skin on skin; her fingers against the hardness of my cock. My breathing was shallow, and stimulation was coursing into my brain. I placed my arm onto her stomach just underneath her perfect breasts. Tabitha’s fingers wrapped themselves around my shaft and she gripped my length fully. I ran my and underneath her t-shirt, my nails stroking her clammy skin. She exhaled sharply.

All this took seconds.

I made the next move. To her breasts. As her right arm was engaged with my cock, Tabitha’s breasts were within reach of my right arm. I cupped the one that was closest to my hand. She moaned. I could feel her nipple from with my touch. She squirmed. The stroking of my cock intensified. I released a quick breath. All as this was happening, Tabitha’s eyes were still concentrated on the tv.

Then, without warning Tabitha shifted forward, freed my cock from the boxer shorts and sunk her head and engulfed me down her throat. I left out an audible gasp this time as my eyes rolled in their sockets and my head twisted back. From the corner of my eye, I saw Sarah look over but quickly look back towards the screen.

Tabitha’s mouth felt good on my cock and I was starting to forget there was someone else in the house so brazen was my display of pleasure. I stopped watching the tv and focussed on what Tabitha was doing to me. While she couldn’t fit much me my (average) length down her throat, compensation came from sloppy tonguing of the head and shaft. Tabitha wasn’t the best but not the worst either but in my state of heightened arousal, she was perfect. Tabitha wanted better access to my cock and began tugging at my jeans. I lifted my arse slightly and the material reluctantly yielded to just above my knees. No, I could spread my legs again allowing Tabitha access to my hairy bahis siteleri balls (at that point in my life, I hadn’t discovered the utility of keeping my downstairs area trim).

My hand was still on her boob and I wanted it free, I pulled up her t-shirt and clumsily unclipped her bra and freed her tits. They were so firm and real sight to behold. Her nipples were very sensitive and my little pinched were causing Tabitha to moan more loudly now as she focussed her attention on my cock. All reality was suspended including what was going on in the movie. Neither of us were trying to be discrete now and both of us were moaning without restraint.

All this was suddenly shattered with the suddenness of a needle ripping across a vinyl record.

“Guys, what are you doing?”

What? Who? I opened my eyes, startled for a nanosecond, and looked across at Sarah facing us. From the dancing CRT shadows, I could see a hand clenched firmly between her folded legs but could not make out her expression despite the closeness. How disgusted or embarrassed was she? Tabitha didn’t release her lips from my cock and continued giving me head.

Without thinking, I simply said, “Why don’t you join in?”

“What? No!” She replied but not with a great deal of conviction.

The movie had clearly turned her on and the sex scene that took restraint away from Tabitha had ended. Probably a while ago leaving Sarah a tad frustrated.

That was when Tabitha came up for air. “Why not? It’ll be fun…” she said with a giggle gently stroking my shaft. The thought of a threesome was blood boiling.

“I don’t know. What do I do?” She asked with the emphasis on “I”.

Not a stupid question really for Sarah knew that Tabitha and I had been an item. She probably thought that we were still an item and I had no idea what the two of them talked about in private. Joining a couple might seem redundant to a third party at first.

“The same things you did with [insert name of ex-boyfriend here]!” Answered Tabitha.

I didn’t know Sarah’s ex, but Tabitha told me he was a dick but clearly Sarah was sexually active and shared intimate details with her school friend.

“Oh ok.” she said tentatively, “Are you sure?”

“Yes!” Tabitha and I said, almost in unison.

Tabitha resumed felating me with a throaty giggle. I couldn’t believe this turn of events but when given lemons, make lemonade!

Sarah moved off the wicker chair onto her knees with apprehension, still doubts about whether this was the right thing to do but rational side of her mind had lost control to the lustful side.

As Sarah shuffled toward me, Tabitha disengaged and offered my slobbery cock to Sarah. There was still doubt and my heart had stopped beating from the anticipation. What would Sarah be like? She grabbed hold of the base of my cock above where Tabitha’s grip was, and I swear I caught a knowing glance between Sarah and Tabitha in the ghost lighting of the CRT. Was this planned?

That thought was soon banished as Sarah took her first licks of my lubed length. She licked up and down, nervously as Tabitha watched on a breath away. Sarah then opened her mouth and placed it over my swollen helmet.

“That’s it. Suck his cock!” Sarah obliged, growing in confidence and spurred on by my appreciative moans.

Readers must remember that both girls, whilst 18, wouldn’t have gained much sexual experience. Tabitha drank spirits neat, was a fuck toy when horny but a known quantity. Sarah? Well, I was about to find out, but I suspect Tabitha already knew her friend’s limitations.

I continued with the encouragement, “Oh yeah, Sarah that’s nice. Keep going!”

Tabitha released her grip on my length, sat up on the couch and stretched momentarily. She turned around and began furiously kissing me that temporarily distracted me from Sarah’s mouth. My left hand rested on the back of Sarah’s sweaty neck and my right around Tabitha’s waist as her tongue was in my mouth. A few second passed and I put both hands-on Tabitha’s t-shirt and motioned for it to be removed. She broke our kiss, stood up, discarded the t-shirt and unhooked bra and then removed the rest of her clothes. She was ready and willing for action.

Meantime, Sarah was getting in to fellatio. Her mouth was deeper and more accommodating than Tabitha’s, but she wasn’t a deep throater yet. Nevertheless, this wasn’t her first time and she was making me feel good.

“Take his pants off, Sarah!” Ordered a horny Tabitha. Sarah disengaged from her brief time on my cock and began tugging at my jeans, boxer shorts and socks.

“Let’s get this top off, Jason.” I leant forward and allowed Tabitha to pull that item of clothing over my head. Where she tossed it, nobody knew. I was naked in the CRT light with a very erect and wet cock.

The only fully clothed participant was Sarah.

I stood her up. I think at this stage she was dazed and confused by how this night was going. bahis şirketleri We all were. I pulled her close to me and kissed her on the lips, not a pash just a kiss. She reacted with surprise almost like kissing was alien. I did it again but this time, she returned my kiss with more intensity. Tabitha walked behind her school mate and began lifting up the “smelly” blue jumper. Sarah broke off the kiss and immediately raised her arms to allow for the removal of said garment. I pulled up the t-shirt in anticipation of coming face to face with Sarah’s enormous breasts. As the t-shirt was discarded, Sarah suddenly felt bashful but that vanished as I placed another kiss on her lips.

Tabitha was trying to speed up the action. She was still behind Sarah and on her knees tugging down Sarah’s jeans. Sarah was way past resisting if even there was any. It was time to go with the flow and no one had a plan. While kissing her, I slipped my hand down Sarah’s panties and discovered a very hairy bush (typical for the period and age) but the heat was intense, and I knew instantly how wet she was. I slipped a finger in to confirm and Sarah jumped at my touch. Tabitha had removed Sarah’s bra freeing her enormous but pendulous breasts. While my hand was exploring Sarah’s pussy, Tabitha flipped off her panties. All three of us were now naked and facing each other. The level of lust was off the scale, but the room was full of uncertainty. What do we do now?

I was faced with two essentially submissive girls, one was an ex and the other her best friend, that had sailed blindly into uncharted territory beyond their level of their collective experiences. Both demanded attention as I did from then, so it came down to a question of economics: how to meet that demand. In response, I opted to act in pure self-interest and slouched on the couch bringing Sarah down with me. Tabitha positioned herself between my splayed legs and took my cock in hand. I leaned over to Sarah and pulled her head to mine. We began kissing softly, gently, tongues dancing tentatively. She was a clumsy kisser at first until we established a rhythm, until that happened, she kept her left arm firmly by her side. Before long, our kisses were relaxing Sarah’s terror and I sensed her level of arousal increase. As I caressed her chunky arm, I felt her hand on my stomach and trace its way across my surf-hardened skin over to my arm, up to cheek then into my hair.

At the same time, Tabitha sunk her lips over the head of my purple-headed, raging shaft. As I was locking lips with Sarah, I could feel Tabitha’s tongue lightly caressing the head and running it slowly down the shaft. It felt great, kissing a new girl and receiving a blowjob. When I first had sex with Tabitha, she was steaming on vodka and eagerly took to blowing my cock but she was very clumsy. Sober, she was even worse at it. Over time, she improved no end, not to the point of deep throating me but taking more of my shaft in her mouth, using saliva to lube it, bathing my balls in spit and treating my length with a little more reverence than a jackhammer. Tabitha first learnt to swallow my load with enthusiasm, something I doubted the mortally stiff Sarah would ever do.

I broke my kiss with Sarah to let out a grown of delight as Tabitha engulfed my shaft. I saw Sarah’s eyes were open and were staring at me in abject terror. I’m sure she felt that what we were doing was not only wrong but that she was cheating on her friend by kissing me. Perhaps she didn’t believe that Tabitha and I were only friends and tonight was the first time anything sexual was happening between us since the breakup. The fact that Tabitha was encouraging seemed lost on Sarah. To help her relax, I brushed her black hair away from her shoulder and began planting kisses on her neck. The reaction was instant: her muscle tension melted away and she let out pent up breath right into my ear. When I advanced my tongue into her ear, Sarah let slip her first audible signal of pleasure and her body jerked in appreciation.

I turned to Tabitha and gave her additional encouragement by asking her to lick my balls. She was hopeless at this, initially, by sucking on my balls like they were gobstoppers. I taught her to tongue by balls, to spit on them but generally to be a little gentler than she began with. Now, she knew what I liked and delivered it in spades by gently working my shaft and lapping on my balls not skimping on the saliva. Her technique sent jolts of electricity through my body. I made a mental note to teach her the joys of giving and receiving a rim job. I nodded and moaned my appreciation to Tabitha who redoubled her effort.

Back to Sarah.

I kissed her again and brought up a hand to one of her big boobs. My first impulse was to grope their substantial mass but decided to use subtlety. Instead, I used a finger to gently circle her areola and flicking across her nipple. She approved with little whimpers into my mouth. I broke the kiss and resumed tongue tickling her neck and earlobe. I could smell a combination of cheap deodorant and adrenaline-fuelled sweat. The combinations of stimulants were having their intended effects and Sarah’s moans and bodily spasms increased.

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