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Welcome Into the Family Ch. 2

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Arianne couldn’t believe her eyes. When she came in to investigate the strange sounds coming from the barn, she never thought she would see anything like this. The stallion that was prancing before her was sporting a hard on that was two-feet in length! The sheer size of it was causing a rushing wetness to gush from her pussy. She leaned in closer to get a better view of what was happening.

The gap between the bales of hay didn’t afford much of an extensive view. All she could see was that the stallion was somehow tethered and that fact was obviously making the powerful animal rear its powerful legs and give an outraged whinny. The men holding on to the ends of the ropes shouted warnings and tried to hold on as the stallion tried to release itself. Its muscles bunched in protest and the sheen of perspiration covering its flanks attested to the lengthy battle between horse and man.

Arianne’s breathing became labored as she watched the magnificent stallion display its strength and power. Her immense 36-DD breasts ballooned in reaction to the impressive spectacle of brute force, while her nipples tightened in arousal. Involuntarily, her hands squeezed the tips to relieve the painful tightening. A familiar heat made her feverish and her skin to become sensitive. ‘I have too many clothes on,’ she thought agitatedly. Her fingers hurriedly flew to release the buttons holding her blouse together and consequently her luscious breasts bounced out from her hurried removal. But it wasn’t enough. She arched her back and shrugged the blouse off altogether. Then her very own hands mashed the massive globes as she watched the dramatic scene unfolding before her, uncaring that she was half-naked and could be discovered by any of the working men littering the barn.

Kurt, her father-in-law, caught her eye as he slowly approached the angry animal then stood quietly on the sidelines. He was very still even though the stallion tried to enforce its superiority by rearing and crashing its hooves repeatedly on the floor. Then Kurt began to croon indecipherable words to the frothing stallion. It was a soothing sound but it didn’t make Arianne’s ardor any less. It made her hips sway to the strange beat set by Kurt’s voice. But it had the strange effect of calming the stallion; it quieted down and allowed him to come closer.

Kurt massaged its flanks with his own hands and continued the odd crooning. Those hands running all over the sweaty muscles mesmerized Arianne. Memories of those same hands caressing her writhing flesh made her squirm, and a demanding heat to pulse in between her legs. And the stallions’ penis reminded her of Kurt’s own giant rod and the way it would ram into her, causing her to whine under her breath, longing for a powerful penis to pound her pussy right now, but she had to settle for the heel of her hand pressing firmly on her little nub of pleasure through her skirt and panties, while the other hand continued wringing her naked breasts. She groaned in dissatisfaction at the unsatisfying results. What Arianne needed was a man, preferably one that was ready to fuck her brains out!

Her unspoken wish seemed to have been heard as a large masculine body pressed itself against her from behind. She gasped and tried to whirl around. “It’s okay, Arianne. It’s me, Billy.” Arianne settled down when she realized it was her brother-in-law. “Just enjoy the show, sweetie pie, and let me take care of this for you.” With that, he captured her breasts in his hefty hands ands begun to grasp and squeeze her hot tits. Arianne’s head lolled in satisfaction from the pleasurable sensations of having her globes enfolded in his powerful grip.

“Hey Bob, grab a couple of bales and bring them over here.” Arianne gasped again and turned to see Billy’s twin brother, Bob, her other brother-in-law, staring at them with a big delighted grin on his lips. She couldn’t help giving a slight smile in return and watched with a languorous gaze as he followed Billy’s direction, setting up both bales of hay in front of her, forcing the entwined couple away from the little gap she had been peering through. Arianne moaned a protest, wanting to see the superb stallion from her original viewpoint, making Billy rumble in her ear soothingly, “Don’t worry, sweetcakes, we’re just adjusting ourselves a little bit here. You’ll be seeing more real soon, and it’s gonna be really hot.”

The entrance of another horse, which made the stallion snort in reaction, distracted her. Arianne’s eyes bulged in disbelief. The stallion’s penis had lengthened to three feet! The other horse was definitely a mare that was arousing the male horse. The mare tossed its head in feigned disinterest as the stallion tried to approach it. Kurt slowly backed away as the two horses began a mating dance of approach and retreat.

Meanwhile, Billy urged her on top of the bale of hay. Since her height was just 5-feet, the repositioning brought her to a higher level that allowed his groin to grind beylikdüzü escort directly against her ass. Bob sat on the other bale and then Billy pressed against her shoulders to indicate that she should lean forward, making her clasp the stacks of hay forming her vertical peephole for balance, and bringing her torso down until it was parallel to the floor, and her pendulous breasts within easy sucking distance from Bob’s ravenous mouth. In this position, she could watch the two horses while Bob focused on her bosom and Billy teased her from behind.

“Do you know what we named our new mare, sweetie?” Billy easily released the clasp to her skirt and let the garment fall to the barn floor. “We wanted to name her after somebody who’s sizzling hot.” He clutched her panties and pulled them down slowly until they were pooled around her ankles, and then knelt down and helped her step out of them. The warmth of Billy’s brawny body so close to her privates, Bob’s nearness to her sensitive tits and her own nudity made Arianne quiver in anticipation.

“Somebody who’s ripe and sexy and always wet.” Bob flicked his tongue like a viper against her nipples, while Billy clawed her ass cheeks apart as he buried his face in between and licked from her little tight rosebud hole to her pink pussy slit. The sudden thorough lapping made her spasm, and she had to seize the hay in front of her for more support.

Billy stood up and quickly stripped off his clothes, and then aligned his dick with her butt crack. “Somebody who loves something hard against her.” Billy stepped closer and inserted his rod in the warm crevice, which made Arianne sigh in desire and gyrate her ass against his groin, silently provoking him to saw his penis in her butt-crack with a hard rhythm. Arianne loved the friction on her seldom stimulated strip of skin. Then Bob seized her tits and plunged his face in-between, thoroughly enjoying having his face engulfed by the soft malleable flesh.

“Somebody who likes a lot of real friendly attention.” Billy gripped his cock and moved it in between the furrow of her pussy lips, and continued the hard sawing rhythm he had set. Arianne seesawed her own hips to increase the stroking sensations across her slimy cunt slit. Bob mirrored their actions by sliding his cheeks back and forth across her tit channel, grazing the smooth skin with his stubby whiskers.

“Somebody who’s always ready to get real familiar with her new family.” Billy pushed his cock knob momentarily into her dripping hole, making her moan. He suddenly bent forward, causing a few inches of his hot stick to push into her, and then bit her earlobe, while Bob bit her nipples. Billy released her ear to whisper seductively, “There’s only one person here who fits that picture. Guess who?” He paused tantalizingly. “The mare’s named after you. Her name’s Arianne.”

His announcement caused tingles to run all over her body, her pussy walls to grasp his penis involuntarily and her orbs to swell even more into Bob’s mouth. When Billy extracted his shaft from her and straightened again, she moaned in disappointment. He stroked her lower back soothingly, “Keep an eye on the horses, sweetie.” He reached in between her legs from behind and found her flaming clit, which he began to flick with his finger. Arianne’s legs trembled in reaction. Then Billy suddenly pinched her nub while Bob twisted her nipples, and then drawled, “That stallion will show you why he’s called Nonstop.” With that promise ringing in her ears, Arianne looked up at the two horses with a newfound regard. In her mind, she imagined herself to be the mare, except that she had two heated stallions wanting to mate with her, instead of just one. When the stallion nipped the mare’s neck, Billy did the same to her vulnerable flesh, making her squeal in surprise. Billy chuckled appreciatively, “We’ve been hearing your piglet squeals all over the house, Arianne. Have you been doing a lot of exciting and naughty things?” He palmed the rounded globes of her ass. “Things like this?” Then Billy grabbed her ass cheeks apart and transferred his attention to her little hole. “Have you ever had it in the ass, sweetcakes?”

Arianne tossed her head in denial, but found the idea intriguing and rotated her hips in response, encouraging his fingers to lightly caress the puckered hollow. The unfamiliar touch made her shiver. “Would you like to have my finger in your little hot hole, sweetie pie? That would make you feel so good, sweetie.” Billy had his middle finger poised at her rear entrance, tempting her with the possibilities. “C’mon, sweetie, grind that ass backwards. You’ll love it, I promise.”

Arianne followed his directions and found herself being stabbed with a finger that seemed like a small penis. Billy continued flicking her clit with his other hand while Bob continued mauling her breasts that increased the flow of her juices. “Oh sweetie, you’re so tight down here. C’mon, sweetcakes, beylikdüzü eve gelen escort just a couple more inches.” Arianne wriggled her behind and skewered her chute onto the mini-rod. “Oh yeah, you’re squeezing my finger so hard, sweetie. How about we do this?”

Then Billy started thrusting and retreating his finger slowly. The whole barn would have rang with her scream if Bob hadn’t swooped down and swallowed the sound into his throat as he hungrily ate her mouth. Arianne’s insides were going haywire from the scorching sensations being generated from her butt-chute. The newfound feelings together with the clit flicking, the tit mauling and the ravenous kissing were making her body search restlessly for an orgasm.

“Look up, sweetcakes. Nonstop is about to start his marathon,” Billy urged.

Reluctantly, Arianne tore her lips from Bob’s, only to gape at the sight of the stallion’s forelegs on the mare’s flanks, and plunging his meaty and lengthy member into the willing mare. The sheer power of the stallion took her breath away. She watched intently as the mare placidly accepted the snorting stallion’s penis, hardly moving as the relentless male horse pounded away. The entry of a knob in her vagina diverted her attention from the mesmerizing display, and caused her to breathe in sharply.

“Does that give you any ideas, Arianne?” Billy stayed still, letting her feel partially a chunk of his throbbing meat. Bob continued twisting her nipples as he watched eagerly whether she would let her desire be satisfied by his twin brother. Arianne couldn’t help the low moan that escaped her. Billy teased her by letting another inch insert into her hungry pussy. “Wanna go for your own personal marathon?”

Arianne’s blood was on fire, and she wanted desperately to be pounded exactly in the same way the mare was being pounded by the stallion. She threw caution to the wind and hissed to Billy, “Fuck me hard, baby! Fuck me with your cock! And when you’re done, I want Bob to fuck me! I want both of you to fuck me as long as that stallion fucks that mare! Be my own personal studs!”

Billy gave a whoop and wholeheartedly lunged his pole into her and began a furious pace that matched the stallion’s. Bob stood up and she turned her head to watch him strip. Noticing her close scrutiny, Bob gave her a jaunty grin and slowed down the removal of his clothes. The sleek muscles covering his body made her heave a sigh longingly, wanting that velvety skin covering her all over. When he was down to his birthday suit, she grabbed his thick rod and moved her hand up and down the 8-inch length. Bob groaned in satisfaction as she increased her hand pace to go with the fucking that she and the mare were receiving.

As she watched her namesake, Arianne felt that all the horny females in the farm were lucky to have males on hand to satisfy their libido. While Billy fucked her, Bob inserted his hand in between their hips to insert his own finger into her rectum, continuing the interrupted finger fucking she was getting from his twin brother, while his other hand alternately mauled her full-sized breasts. The double attention she was getting from the twins and their coordinated efforts in pleasuring her heightened all her senses to their orchestrated actions. And the mere thought she had two perfect male specimens at her beck and call made her pussy tingle and her body quiver all over in delight.

“Sweetie pie, get ready to receive some cream!” Then Billy’s hips began to thrust faster, and after that he grabbed her own hips firmly against his as his penis shuddered and jerked, spurting warm sticky cum inside her, making her clench her pussy walls around him, trying to milk his shaft for all its worth, and bringing her to her own satisfying climax. “Oh sweetcakes, I’m as snug as a bug in a rug! It makes me wanna stay in you forever!”

Bob immediately protested, “No way! Arianne said she wanted me too! Didn’t you babe?”

Arianne couldn’t help smiling. They sounded like two small boys fighting over a favorite toy. She suddenly remembered that the twins were the youngest in the family, both nineteen and apparently raring to go. She sighed happily, ecstatic that she was the recipient of their lusty attentions. She tried to appease both. “Why don’t you come over here, Billy, and let me give you a hand job? I think it’s only fair to share with Bob.”

The twins hurriedly exchanged places, forgetting their little disagreement. As Arianne held Billy’s cock, she marveled how nature made two physically identical specimens save for one instance; while the twins both had the same 8-inch length, their cocks’ widths were totally different. Bob was gifted with a thick rod while Billy sported a slim dick. Its slenderness made Arianne shiver as an idea struck her. She remembered Billy’s question earlier whether she has ever taken it in the ass. Actually, only digits have ever penetrated her beylikdüzü masöz escort rectum, and she has always wondered how it would feel to have a hard staff jabbing her behind.

Arianne fought the familiar piglet squeals that wanted to erupt from her throat from the forceful thrusting of Bob’s pole, but she didn’t want to spook the horses so she bit her lip; however, her tight control was sorely tested as Bob continued to ram into her. She settled for little grunts under her breath, “Uh, uh, uh…” Although she felt totally satisfied, she still wondered how she could plant her idea in Billy’s head. “Billy, uh, what do, uh, you think, uh, if, uh, uh…”

Billy was totally concentrated on his cock and the pressure of her hand, so he haltingly ground out, “Argh… If what, argh, sweetie?”

“Maybe, uh, we can try, uh…” Then she gave up trying to be subtle and cried softly, “Fuck me in the ass, baby! Please!” Her heated plea had the effect of geysers of cum raining on her hair and back as Billy came, totally turned on by her request, while Bob found the idea so arousing that he erupted his cum deep inside her pussy. The twins quickly swapped places.

Billy grasped his cock and held it at her rear entrance, and then gave her one last chance to change her mind, but secretly fervently hoped she wouldn’t, “Are you sure, sweetcakes?”

“Oh yes, baby, fuck me in the ass!” Billy parted her ass cheeks apart and gazed hungrily at the puckering pinkish-brown hole. He gradually introduced her chute to his eager rod, watching heatedly as his shaft disappeared in her tube. Arianne spread her legs wider apart to accommodate him. Billy growled at the sexy picture she made and praised her, “Oh sweetie, you’re squeezing me so tight! I’m gonna sink every inch inside you, sweetie pie!” With that, he determinedly pushed forward relentlessly until he was fully embedded in her dark cavern. Both of them moaned at the feeling of her blistering furnace crammed with so much meat.

Then Billy began a deliberate pace that allowed her to adjust to the new sensations and allowed her channel to enlarge to allow his member easier entry. When she began to meet his thrusts with a backward movement of her hips, he increased the pace until both of them were slamming their joined bodies together, creating ripples in their flesh from their forceful ass fucking. Before long, Arianne was shaking from multiple earth-shattering orgasms as Billy continued to ram her repeatedly in the ass, before succumbing to his own release.

Billy had barely enough time to plop out of her ass before Bob was once again cramming his cock into her vagina. Arianne began to believe their promise of a personal marathon. She lost track of time as the twins alternated, plunging into their favorite passage, Billy in her ass and Bob in her pussy. When she tried to make them exchange, Billy reminded her that it wouldn’t be hygienic to do so. Touched by their concern, she completely gave in to her selfish desires and focused on all the stimuli bombarding her senses.

Her eyes welcomed the spectacle of Nonstop fucking her namesake tirelessly, proving that he was aptly named, while her nether regions were fully occupied by the twins’ lusty appetites. She must have come at least more than a dozen times already, but the twins didn’t show any signs of flagging erections. Although the prospect of unending climaxes was appealing, Arianne didn’t think she could bear the pleasure any longer either. She was confused by her conflicting emotions.

Arianne gladly welcomed the diversion of another voice, narrowing her eyes to peer into the shadows. “Ma’am, may I join in, or is this a party of three?” A hulking figure of a man stepped forward to reveal a naked Chuck, another of her brothers-in-law, sporting an enormous 14-inch erection.

Chuck had been on his way out of the barn when he heard some scuffling sounds and went to investigate, only to discover the preoccupied naked trio. Their blatant display immediately hardened his steel pipe, and after swiftly undressing, he waited patiently for an opportunity to join them while stroking his hard on. When he saw that his sister-in-law seemed almost on the verge of a pleasurable sensory collapse, he stepped in to bring things to an intense conclusion.

Arianne was unaware of his intentions and was just feverishly thinking, ‘If I get that cock in my pussy, I’ll be in cum heaven.’ Aloud, she cried, “Oh Chuck, baby, I need you!”

“Whatever you need, ma’am, I’ll be more than happy to help you with.”

“Fuck me with your big cock! Fill me up with your huge cock and make me cum again and again! Hurry, stud!” Arianne was almost incoherent from her lust.

The twins grinned at each other as they gave way to their eldest sibling, and Chuck silently approached the aroused writhing woman. Chuck grasped her hips firmly and aligned his cock with her pussy. He was painstakingly slow as he pushed his gigantic girth into her clutching tunnel, heightening the sensations in her receptive opening, his progress aided by the previous semen deposits left by the twins, particularly Bob’s. Arianne bit her lip hard to prevent the scream that was demanding to be released. Seeing her predicament, Bob enthusiastically gobbled her lips while Billy paid homage to her immense breasts.

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