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Wicked Game Ch. 20

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The taxi drove away, leaving Ashley standing in front of his house. At least that’s what she remembered it as. The house that she’d escaped from. It sat dark and imposing, the windows glaring emptily at her, daring her to come inside. But there is no Matthew here. Yes, she remembered that. She had a certified copy of his death certificate in her suitcase and his ‘effects’ in a manila envelope that the coroner had given her. Still, this was her Bates Motel, Hell House, House on Haunted Hill … pin any name on it, it was the stuff of her nightmares. Get a grip, Ashley. Get a fucking grip!

“Yeah. Fuck you!”

She felt better after screaming at the house. She wasn’t sure what the rest of the neighbors thought but she knew that she felt better. She took out her keys and grabbing her suitcases, she strode down the front walkway and opened the door. The house was musty, filled with secrets and lies, all of which she aimed to air out. She locked herself in, took a tour as if she were a stranger and opted to sleep in the guest bedroom, a room that had never ever been used. And slept like dream.

The next morning, she began her cleansing and she started with Matthew’s toys. Her former husband had prided himself on having great toys, all the more to fuck her up with. The huge Rubbermaid box took all of 45 minutes to drag up the stairs and out into the backyard and when she opened it, she nearly vomited. Shit-encrusted dildoes, semen-stained latex clothes and blood-stained clamps littered the box, along with several pairs of her ripped Victoria’s Secret undergarments, also blood and cum-stained. His trophy box.

The contents of the box went into a roaring fire that she’d built in the old hollow oil drum that she found behind the shed. Along with that went CDs and DVDs of violent porn, sheaves of printed material and various bondage and torture magazines. It took her the better part of a day to clean all of that out of his private study. Once the fire had been safely doused for the evening, she found more items in his study. 8mm movies, snuff films and other such vile paraphernalia of a person obsessed with sadistic sex cluttered the room and she piled it all in the fireplace and roasted marshmallows over the crisping carcasses.

It would take Ashley a total of six days to rid the house of any vestiges of Matthew’s vile presence. Even the bedroom had taken several hours to clear. He had tons of photos of his naked conquests hidden about. Young women and men bound in compromising positions and sometimes whipped or scourged, their eyes glazed and blood running freely. The amount and the depth of the matter she found made her cry for a few days. She wouldn’t cry of the loss of her former husband; she would cry over the fact that she never really knew him. It terrified her greatly.

After two weeks, the house was clear of any abomination and she finally felt that she could sleep in the master bedroom. But it was eerie. Echoes of past activities bounced around the walls and fell across the sheets, giving her the impression that the room needed to be exorcised. Fuck it. She thought. The entire house needed it.

Unable to sleep, she reached into her backpack and extracted a journal that she’d kept during the game. On the very last page was a group of phone numbers. One of the belonged to Kevin and Kelly Jo Marcus.

She glanced over at the receiver and thought about calling them. Kelly Jo would be so happy to hear her voice. She’d tell her how much she’d missed her pussy and how she dreamed about drinking her love juice. Ashley would reply, saying how much she’d missed Kelly Jo rubbing her perfumed cunt over her face and how much she missed using the strap-on on her. Next, Kevin would jump on the line and Ashley would swiftly regress to childhood, to the days when a call from a boy was akin to a case of cooties.

Kevin was the type of boy that no one saw in school. He was athletic and competitive, but was never a joiner. He had always remained with his sister and had steered clear of trouble. He would have been the kind of boy that Ashley would have been drawn to. Quiet and reserved, but with passion that was displayed toward a sport. And later, that passion would have been shown towards her. His depth of character and personality would have far outweighed the fact that he was not ‘popular’.

Ashley hadn’t realized just how much she missed his sister and him until she viewed the phone number. The sex was magnificent but the companionship had been first-rate also. Kelly Jo was so brash and self-confident, Kevin so intelligent and observant. Two complementing peas in a pod. And he asked you to come with them. And she had declined. She had things to do, such as seeing to the disposition of this house and other administrative tasks that came along with having a dead husband.

It was three o’clock in the morning. Would Kelly Jo and Kevin be thinking of her?”


Kevin shoved his tongue deeply inside his sister’s golden snatch and flicked it along the inner walls. halkalı eve gelen escort Kelly Jo moaned loudly. “Oh, fuck, Kevin! I’m so close!” He knew how close she was. He knew her body like his own. He knew that she liked long, hot baths which was why he’d prepared one for her after her long flight from Kansas City. He knew that she liked pizza with extra cheese, pepperoni and jalapeños and had ordered a large deep dish version when the taxi had dropped her home. Finally, he knew that she loved having her pussy tongue-fucked and after cumming, she’d welcome him into her body as she had every night since they’d returned.

This evening, she was close but something was different. There was a tension in the air that raised his hackles uncomfortably and he was feeling it in his sister’s nubile body. She seemed almost desperate, grasping for an orgasm that was purely sexual. And then, he knew that she was missing Ashley, too.

He thrust his tongue in, tasting her tart sweetness and rubbed his nose against her clit as he plundered her cunt, wildly sucking her lips and drinking her juices. When she came plummeting back to Earth, he gave her a tender kiss and watched her burst into tears.

“Has she called?”

“No, sis. She hasn’t called.”

Kelly Jo wailed louder, her body curling around his. “Why, Kevvie? Why hasn’t she called?”

“I don’t know, honey. She said she’d call when she was ready.”

“What if she’s never ready?”

He didn’t have an answer to that because he asked the same question of himself and had come up empty. “I don’t know, Kel, but you still have me.”

“I know, Kevin. I’m sorry if I seem ungrateful.”

Kevin stroked the line of her soft jaw and gave her a tender smile. “I miss her, too, Kel. Don’t be sorry.”

His kiss was soft, filled with concern and protection. Kelly Jo didn’t want that. She wanted violence. She wanted pain. She wanted to forget the only woman she’d ever fallen in love with and the broken heart that that woman had left behind. She thrust her tongue into his mouth, giving him the signal that she wanted it a bit rougher than usual. He’d know what she wanted. He was her brother.

Kevin was surprised to feel the intensity of her kiss after she’d cried over Ashley but he understood it. They both loved the woman deeply but Kelly Jo shared a woman’s bond with Ashley; something that only women and children shared together. It was strong and emotional and Kelly Jo had felt every bit of that separation since the last day. He flipped her onto her stomach and pulled her knees up, baring that lovely shaved pussy for his usage. He couldn’t resist licking those pouting pink lips and spent several more minutes praising their puffy virtues before he sank his prick between them.

Kelly Jo let out a low moan and shivered with pleasure. She loved how Kevin filled her so completely. She felt the fat, rounded head of his cock and his stiff shaft parting her juice-laden cunt lips and moved back against him, welcoming the almost painful force of his hands on her breasts as he took her from behind. He only slid into her a few times before he removed his majestic prick and hastily pushed it into her asshole. She screamed in pain but shoved her ass back against him, accepting the breech, her body trembling.

“Oh, God, Kevin, I want her.”

Kevin plowed her ass, plunging in deep and almost completely pulling out. “I want her, too, sis.” Thinking of Ashley, Kevin couldn’t control his load. With a gruff grunt and a hard pinch to her cheek, he emptied himself into his sister’s ass, sighing as she came, too, her asshole milking the last drops out of his prick. Afterward, they lay together silently, tears staining their pillows.

“She has to come back, Kevin.” Kelly Jo sobbed, slowly falling into the deep well of sleep. “She has to!”

Kevin could find no adequate response. He simply held her close and added his tears to hers.


Five long months passed by. Kevin was pleased to be busy with more convention work than he and his sister had ever seen but his daily thoughts were on Ashley, wondering if she was okay. Kelly Jo stopped talking about her but Kevin knew that she hadn’t forgotten. Her distracted eyes and her detached lovemaking told him the real story. The sexual connection between them was eroding, all because of their love for her.

He was arguing with a banner vendor when his cell phone rang. He wanted to continue the argument but the call was more important at the time. He flicked the instrument open. “Hello?”

”Hi, Kevin.” The breath caught in his throat at the sound of Ashley’s voice.


“Yes, it’s me. How are you?”

A million answers swam through his head before his heart won out. “Lonely. Missing you immensely.”

Her voice cracked down the line. “I’ve missed you, too.”

“Are you well?”


“And have you taken care of your business?”


“Then, will you return to halkalı grup yapan escort us?”

“Do you still want me?”

“Oh, yes, Ash. We’ve never stopped.”

Silence ensued for a few long moments. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, Ashley. With all my heart and all Kelly Jo’s heart.”

She didn’t reply right away. “Tell Kelly Jo that I called and that I love her.”

“I will.” Kevin fought the urge to convince her to come home to him. “We’ll be waiting, Ash.” Kevin closed the phone, afraid to hear her voice again.


Two weeks after she’d called Kevin, Ashley received a call from Matthew’s lawyer and attended a final meeting. The will had not been contested. He had laughingly completed on because the Human Resources department of Matthew’s employer had required it for insurance purposes and Ashley had been the largest benefactor. Matthew had left some girl named Shirley a special pair of underwear and had bequeathed $1000 to the Democratic Fund. Otherwise, Ashley owned the house, its contents, the Lexus and nearly $450,000 worth of stocks, bonds and cash. Added to the money she’d won during the game, she was comfortable.

She decided to sell the house. The ghosts that haunted it were more than she could bear and she got a fair price. She sold the furnishings along with the structure so all she had to do was to pack up her personal belongings but she came to the quick realization that she really didn’t have much. She could buy new clothes and household furnishings. Indeed, she could buy a new house. But everything revolved around Kevin and Kelly Jo and about how much she loved them.

She knew the answer. It was time to go home.


Kevin set the crate of red impatiens down next to the white ones and went back for the third crate, this one of pink impatiens and stopped halfway down the driveway when the silver Lexus pulled up to the curb in front of the house he shared with Kelly Jo. His sister was on her hands and knees in the flowerbed, preparing holes for the incoming plants and when she didn’t hear Kevin’s footsteps, she turned and looked over her shoulder, seeing the car.

Ashley stepped out of the car, fifteen pounds heavier and with honey-blonde pin curled hair, her eyes meeting Kevin’s.


Kevin tossed the flowers aside and shucked off his gloves, running headlong for her. When he reached her, he whirled her around, his joy evident in his shout. Kelly Jo joined them a moment later, wrapping her arms around Ashley and crushing her close. All three remained locked in a three-way embrace for several minutes, hands stroking and tears flowing until Ashley pulled back.

“You look marvelous!”

“I gained some weight.” Ashley sniffed, arm-in-arm with Kelly Jo. “I ate a lot of fast food.”

“That’s all right.” Kevin smiled. “I thought you were a little on the skinny side, anyway. I’m so glad to see you. And I know Kelly Jo is, too.”

“Before we go any further,” Kelly Jo stepped back a bit, her hand grasping Ashley’s. “Are you here to stay?”

Ashley looked from Kelly Jo’s tear-streaked face to Kevin’s red-rimmed eyes and smiled. “Yes. If I’m still welcome, I’m here to stay.”

“Oh, my God! Are you kidding? Kevin and I have just about lost our minds waiting for you!” Kelly Jo embraced her again.

Now Ashley’s tears flowed and she allowed the weariness of her time alone to finally affect her. No longer would she have to bear her emotions alone. She would have Kevin and Kelly Jo to lean on and to share with. “I’m so tired and I have so much to tell you … “

“Why don’t I take you upstairs and get you settled in? You can take a nice long bath and then stretch out for awhile until dinner.”

“Oh, Kel, I don’t want to impose on my first day here.”

“Ashley, it’s not imposition when someone loves you.” Kelly Jo kissed her cheek, letting her tongue quickly caress flesh and smiled wickedly when Ashley gasped. “Besides, there’ll be plenty of other times when we’ll impose on you.”

Ashley smiled. “I’ll look forward to it.”

While Kevin danced around the yard like a crazed man, Kelly Jo took Ashley into the house, gave her a quick tour and started the bath for her. Since the third bedroom had boxes piled in it, Kelly Jo told Ashley to take her room. She and Kevin would clean the other room out tomorrow. Ashley had started to say something but Kelly Jo stopped her. She knew how important it was that Ashley have her own space, whether she spent time in it or not. Ashley quivered with tears at that knowledge, the knowledge that Kelly Jo would care enough to ensure her happiness. After she’d left, Ashley had taken a bath and lay down, blissfully drifting into dreamless sleep, Kelly Jo’s scent surrounding her.

It was much later when the caress of a roughened palm awoke her. She kept her eyes closed, but reacted to Kevin’s touch, pushing the covers aside so that he had access to her entire body. “I came to wake you for dinner. halkalı masöz escort Are you hungry?”

“Oh, yes.” She answered huskily. “How about a little appetizer?” She took his hand, pressed a kiss to the palm and ran it down over her trembling stomach until he reached her pussy, her legs spreading wide. Kevin needed no further instruction. He ran a thick finger down her dewy slit, steadily increasing the pressure until she was writhing in pleasure. “Kevin, stop teasing me. Please. I haven’t cum since the last time we were together.”


“I wanted to wait for you and Kel.”

He slowly pushed his finger into her tight hole, loving the long, low moan of pleasure that escaped her. “No more waiting.” He whispered, adding a second finger and moving a little faster. Pussy honey began to leak from her hole and she came on his sixth stroke, clamping her thighs closed and riding the wave of pleasure as he wiggled his fingers inside her heat. She released his hand moments later, gasping for breath and shaking with pleasure.

“No more waiting.” Kelly Jo echoed, stepping out from her place in the shadows. Meeting Ashley’s eyes, she took her brother’s hand and greedily sucked the sticky cum from his fingers, then bent to drink straight from the well.

Ashley arched with a scream of pleasure at the touch of Kelly Jo’s lips. She felt the stabbing tip push into her steamy folds, searching for her clit and wrapping around it. She shouted again as her teeth gently nibbled the tiny bud alternately laving it, then sucking on it. Ashley couldn’t stand it, especially when Kelly Jo shoved two fingers into her sopping hole. Her orgasm broke in a thunderous wave, tumbling her beneath its dark surface, keeping her under until she came gasping to its surface, trembling and exhausted with the effort. She came so hard that she nearly passed out.

Kevin kissed his sister’s cum-drenched mouth, licking Ashley’s precious juice from her cheeks and reconfirming their connection and love for each other. “I’ll meet you downstairs.”

Kelly Jo and Ashley dressed for dinner, joining Kevin in the living room. Ashley felt like a princess and was determined to return their favors and attention. After dinner, she turned to Kelly Jo. “No dessert?”

“I bought an apple pie, if you want a slice.”

“Naw, I have a better idea.” Ashley arose, unsnapping her halter top and letting the dress slide to the floor. “How about a piece of my pie?”

Kevin nearly leaped from his chair, striding over and pulling her into his arms. His insides shivered at the feel of her tongue on his and her naked body in his arms. God, he had waited so long for this, for her. “My room.” He instructed softly, sweeping Ashley into his arms and heading for the stairs. “Come on, Kel. Let’s welcome Ashley to our home.”

Kevin deposited Ashley onto his bed and he and his sister approached her from both sides, tongues sliding across Ashley’s soft skin, meeting in the middle and exchanging kisses between each other before returning to their labial exploration. Ashley wriggled on the bed, her legs opening and the scent of her arousal assailing his nostrils. The sweat beading on her skin and the sweet smell of her perfume made his prick harden to stone, anxious to bury itself in her weeping cunt.

Ashley reached up and guided Kelly Jo’s mouth to her own, luxuriating in the silken feel of another woman’s mouth and succumbing to the heat of another woman’s passion. She felt as if she’d been in the desert for a hundred years and Kelly Jo’s mouth was a fountain, a live-giving freshet of cold, clear water, slaking her thirst. She moaned as Kelly Jo’s fingers slid gently down her throat and moving softly, caressing her breasts and encircling her nipples. The charge in her touch sent sparks coursing up her spine and she sucked Kelly Jo’s bottom lip inside her mouth, rubbing her tongue against it.

Kevin moved across Ashley’s body to plant an open-lipped kiss on Kelly Jo’s mound, lifting her leg so that he could fully access her moist slit. He heard his sister’s moan as his tongue parted her pussy lips and pressed inward, tasting her like a morsel of fine meat. She released a small flood of juice, tangy like lemon, that coated his tongue like fine dessert curd. He lapped up her juices, then moved over to Ashley, delving into her dripping pussy and was amazed to find that both were similar in taste. Lemony, salty-sweet, warm, tasty.

Kelly Jo thought she was going to pass out from the sheer pleasure of it all. Ashley’s fingers were roaming her breasts, tweaking her nipples, bringing a teeth-jarring edge to the kiss they were sharing and the orgasm Kevin gave her. She lay down on her back and slid Ashley on top of her so that their pussy were stacked. Kevin grinned and spent the next twenty minutes sucking and licking each pussy until they were cumming.

Kevin pulled Ashley off of his sister and laid her aside, plunging his tongue into Kelly Jo’s mouth and whispering in her ear. As Kelly Jo moved away, Kevin straddled Ashley, gazing into her eyes, rubbing the head of his prick on her ready slit. Kelly Jo moved in, eagerly licking Ashley’s wet gash and the rubbery head of her brother’s prick. As Kevin slid into Ashley, Kelly Jo, flicked her tongue across Ashley’s clit and moved behind her brother to spread his ass cheeks and slide her tongue into his tight hole.

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