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Wife’s Friend Cindy 02: The Next Day

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I woke up the next day (Friday) with a big smile on my face as I went off to work to await the text from Cindy. I knew that Joe liked to golf on Friday evenings so I was guessing she would work around that. Lunchtime arrived with no contact from Cindy. I went out to lunch and then on a sales call with still no contact.

By three I was thinking about contacting her but I knew that was dangerous. Then it started to rain and looking at the forecast I knew that golf was now out of the picture for Joe which would be bad for another rendezvous.

My phone pinged. I anxiously looked at it expecting to see something from Cindy but it was from Joe. It read “I know your wife is still out of town. Do you want to go out for a few drinks?”

“I am thirsty,” I replied. Pick you up around 5:30.” Was Cindy behind this I wondered. Time will tell.

I showed up promptly at 5:30 and Joe ran out to the car to meet me. This was disappointing as I had wanted to see Cindy’s reaction.

As he hopped into the car, I asked him if Cindy was home. He said that she was so I just said to “Wait here. I wanted to say Happy Birthday.”

“Make it quick,” Joe said. “I am in need of a few cocktails.”

I entered the front door and found Cindy in the kitchen. She looked surprised. “What are you doing here? Where is Joe?”

I informed her that Joe was waiting in the car and that I had to be quick.

“Last night was a huge mistake,” she exclaimed. “Not only did I cheat on my husband but I cheated on my best friend too. It can’t happen again!”

I closed the gap between us and backed her into her Frig. I grabbed the back of her hair. “I am going to kiss you now and there is not a damn thing you can do about it!” As I aggressively kissed her, she responded just as aggressively back.

We broke the kiss and her legs were a little wobbly. “I don’t want to keep Joe waiting. I will definitely see you later. Wait up for us.” She just nodded and smiled.

Joe and I went out to the bar and started with a couple of shots and a beer. When it got past eight, I switched to water as I told Joe that “I had to drive.” At ten we were done and headed back to Joe’s house. Joe was definitely very drunk and I made sure that I walked with him up to his door. “Come in for one more,” he slurred.

“Sounds like a good plan,” I said and walked in with him. Cindy was sitting on the couch in an old sweat shirt reading a book. I acted more drunk than I actually was which caused her to question our need for a nightcap.

We cracked open a couple of beers and I told Joe “No” on the shots bahçelievler escort that he poured. He did not want to waste them so he drank both within ten minutes. That should work out well for me. As he finished the second one Cindy spoke up.

“I just texted your wife that you guys were pretty drunk. We decided that you should stay here in the guest room.”

“Not going toa argue with you on that,” I said. “Could you show me where it is?”

She looked at me exasperated. “Top of the stairs on the right. I am sure you can find it”

Before I could say anything, Joe spoke up from the chair “Cindy, can you just show him!”

We stood up and walked around the corner and then I followed her up the stairs. I lightly slapped her ass as we reached the top.

“Stop that'” she hissed. “This is the guest room,” she said without looking at me. “I hope you will be comfortable in here.”

I gently took hold of her arm and turned her to face me. I reached in and kissed her just as passionately as before. When she enthusiastically kissed me back, I took her left hand and placed it on my growing member. “See what you do to me. I won’t be comfortable until I can release this monster to be enjoyed by you. Now let me go say good night to Joe and I will see you shortly.”

When I arrived back downstairs Joe was already in the bathroom getting ready for bed. I watched him come out, mumble “Good night,” and stagger down the hall. As he turned the corner into his bedroom, I once again took Cindy into my arms and we kissed hot and heavy for a short time.

I released her. “When Joe is asleep, I am going to give you what you want. Come and see me when it is safe. It should not be too long with everything that he drank.” She gave me a wry smile, shook her head (was that a no) and walked down to her bedroom.

I laid there naked on top of the guest room bed, condom in hand, watching the clock tick away. I was listening for movement but did not hear anything. The clock struck midnight and I began to think that nothing would happen. 12:30, still nothing. I started to lightly doze and then there she was in the doorway. “I didn’t think you were going to show,” I whispered.

“I wasn’t,” she replied. “But Joe fell asleep and I was horny. Your wife texted me to thank me for taking care of you.” She walked over to the bed and took my growing dick into her hand. She stroked me slowly and talked about how she would take care of me. Once I was good and hard, she climbed up on me and lowered her sopping wet pussy easily onto my balgat escort hard dick with a nice plopping sound.

I started to say something but she put her finger on my lips and said “Shut the fuck up. I am going to fuck you the way I want to and you are going to love it. Now fuck me hard and stay quiet.”

It wasn’t long before we developed a good rhythm and I would alternate between lying there letting her bounce on me and then thrusting my pelvis up to meet her which would drive her crazy. I could tell that she was close to orgasm so the next time she lifted off of me I put both hands on her ass to support her in midair while I pounded her pussy from underneath. She could not help herself as she screamed in orgasm causing me to take her mouth on mine to silence the screams.

I followed her shortly after by exploding into my condom, while wanting to feel what it would be like spurting into her pussy. She collapsed onto me and soon were enjoying the post sex kissing. At this time, she remembered where we were and the fact that she had screamed. “I have to go,” she said as she hurried down the stairs and soon, I could hear her running water in the downstairs bathroom.

I was debating going downstairs for a good night kiss, I heard the bathroom door open and then the bedroom door close. Sensing that my night was over, I took a quick trip to the upstairs bathroom and then fell into a sound sleep.

I awoke around seven to the sound of a garage door opener opening and then closing. I got dressed and went downstairs to the kitchen to find Cindy in a bathrobe looking pretty hot. I gave her an enthusiastic “Good Morning Cindy.”

She walked up to me and threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. As much as I was enjoying the kiss danger signals were going off in my brain. “Where’s Joe?’ I asked.

She smiled seductively at me while untying her robe to reveal her gorgeous body. “He went golfing, your wife’s flight is delayed a couple of hours and I am going to fuck your brains out while we still can.”

That was all I needed to hear. For the first time she had let herself go without the restraints of guilt. The first time that morning was right there and then, bent over the kitchen table, pounding her from behind. The second time was sitting in Jeff’s chair. I was on the receiving end of a good blowjob followed by her sitting on my lap facing away from me. Her aggressively bouncing on my cock with me simultaneously rubbing her clit caused her biggest orgasm yet followed almost immediately by me filling up another condom.

At ankara escort this time, I was pretty spent but I still had another hour before I had to hit the shower and then go to the airport. Cindy was insatiably horny still and as I was drinking a huge glass of orange juice, she started playing with me with some quick success.

At this time my last goal was to fuck her in her own bed. I knew that if I did that, she would be mine anytime I wanted. I had her sit in her chair and raised her legs over my shoulders to give me full access to eating her out. Using my tongue, thumb and fingers I would bring her close to orgasm but then back her off. It wasn’t long before she was begging me to fuck her. Oh god, stop teasing me and fuck me god dammit,” she yelled.

I kept going with my tongue. “Not here. In your bedroom.” I said and went to work sucking on her clit.

“I can’t,” she moaned. “Anywhere but there.”

She was close to orgasm so I backed off a little. “The only place you are getting fucked is your bed. Make a decision.”

This conversation went back and forth for a good five minutes with me alternately bringing her close to orgasm and then backing off. She was squirming and swearing so I played my final card. “Final answer, your bedroom or I stop right now.” I said while returning to sucking on her clit and using two fingers to finger fuck her G spot.

Finally, she broke. “Okay, fuck me in my bed. Let’s just hurry!!!”

We got to her bed and she lied down while I hurriedly put on my final condom. “Which side is yours?” I demanded.

“This one Pete. Please fuck me now. Oh god I need you in me,” she gasped.

I dragged her to Joes side, lifted her legs so her ankles were on my shoulders and plowed right into her. I pounded her harder than any other woman I had ever been with providing her with multiple orgasms until I was just about ready to go. I pulled out, ripped off my condom, and had her suck the cum out as I blasted into her mouth. It was incredible to watch her go after my cock with so much enthusiasm just to clean me up.

Time was short at this point so I showered off, got dressed and met her at the door. She had also got dressed and was looking very good. I went to say something to her but she slapped me. “You shouldn’t have fucked me in my bed. That wasn’t right,” she angrily spoke.

I pushed her back into the wall, grabbed the back of her hair and kissed her angrily. She responded with similar anger and passion. I broke the kiss. “That was your decision, and from now on I am going to fuck you whenever and wherever I want!!” What do you have to say to that? I added before kissing her again.

She winked at me and smiled. “I say I am going to have to talk with your wife about when she is visiting your kids again or about planning a joint vacation.

Hopefully more stories to follow.

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