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The morning was dragging on a bit. A few customers returned wallpaper books. I was busy putting them away. The store owner, Betty, was off on sales calls. We sold interior decorating things and did custom blinds and other window treatments as well. I would watch the store when Betty was out selling.

When the customer’s window treatments were delivered to the store, I would be the one going out to install them. It was easy enough usually. I did the measuring for them too, so as long as they were made correctly, there were not many issues.

I hear the door jingle from the decorative things hanging on it that had small bells. Glancing over, I know who it was.

“Hi Tom.” She said.

“Hey Mary Jane. How are you today?” I said.

“Oh fine. Running around getting things done. We finally decided on which wallpaper we want to use in the lower bath and the living room. I have the pages marked. If you could let Betty know when she comes in, that would be great.” She said.

“No problem. Just leave them there on the table and I will take care of them and let her know.” I said.

Mary Jane was a recent transplant to the area with her husband. She was quite good looking. Shorter loosely curled dirty blonde hair. Always dressed nice. Sweet looking body. Very nice rack. Definitely a suburban milf if there ever was one. I would guess she was about 46 years old.

“Did those blinds for the upstairs master bedroom and bath come in yet?” She asked.

“Mmmm, I don’t think so. Let me take a look in back.” I said.

I walked in the back room of this ancient building and had a look at various boxes. I found only one with her name. Looking at the label, it was the master bath blind.

Coming back out to the showroom, “It looks like just the bath blind is here so far. The other ones should not be much longer. Did you want to take it with you today?” I asked.

“Oh no, that’s okay. You can just bring them all at once when you install them.” She said. “Can I have you pencil me in for an installation day?”

“Sure, no problem. If you need to reschedule, just call. What day were you thinking?” I asked, walking behind the front counter to the appointment book.

“Well if you could make it on Thursday next week, say about 10am, that would be great.” She said.

I looked at the book, and that time was open. “Okay, looks like I can do that. I will double check with Betty when she gets back today too.”

“Great. Thanks a bunch.” Mary Jane said. “I have to run. Tell Betty I said hi.”

“Will do… Oh wait…do you have the square footage estimate from the wallpaper installer? I asked.

She stopped near the door. “Oh good thing you remembered. I do.” She said. “Hang on, I have it on a piece of paper.” She put her purse on the counter and dug into it.

“Here it is.” She said, pulling out a half sheet that was folded. “He wrote it down here for the bath and then down here are the living room measurements.”

I looked at it and said, “Alright, I’ll write your name on here and leave it for Betty to have a look at. Then she can get the correct number of rolls ordered.”

“Okay. Sounds good. Thanks. I’ll see you later.” She said smiling.

With that, Mary Jane was out the door.

This town was small farm town America. And women were thrilled to have a decorating store to go into. It was funny, the husbands rarely ever came in. But the wives almost always complained that they had to do decorating things a small bit at a time, so as to avoid sticker shocking the husbands. Some of the women even had separate accounts to handle decorating bills, so the husband wouldn’t see what they spent.

I could understand. Blinds and the nicer wallpapers and fabrics were never cheap. Anything custom made for your windows was going to cost some bucks for sure.

Thankfully, Mary Jane and her husband lived in a newer subdivision and not out in the sticks. So she and her husband were much more knowledgeable about what things cost. She didn’t have to deal with the grumbling husband syndrome that other wives dealt with.

I had been to Mary Jane’s home quite a few times over the past year doing blind installations and dropping things off. Thankfully they had no dogs or young kids running all over. It made getting things done much easier.

It was about fifteen minutes to quitting time. Betty was running late getting back. This was before cell phones that we know. Back then “car phones” were just hitting the market. Clunky, cumbersome things, looking back on them now.

I had a key to lock the front door if Betty was going to be late.

The clock hit five and I went back to shut off the lights and lock up. As I came out front again, Betty was walking in the door with two hands full with wallpaper books.

“Could you grab the rest of these books out of the van for me?” She asked.

“No problem.” I said. I went out into the heat of the day and pulled open the side door of the van. Another eight wallpaper books were leaning against the seat. I grabbed akyurt escort them and came back in.

“So how was the store today?” Betty asked.

“We had a few people wander in and look around. Some returned books. Mary Jane came in and asked about her blinds and dropped off the measurements for the wallpaper install. It’s on the desk. I put her on the calendar for install, assuming the blinds are not delayed another week.” I said.

“Ok. Great. I’ll take a look and get that wallpaper ordered for her.” Betty said.

“Her wallpaper books with the pages marked are there by the side wall.” I said.

“Ok. I’ll see you tomorrow then. Thanks.” Betty said.

“Alright. See ya.” I said, opening the front door.

Off I went into the baking sun again. The car was going to be really hot. Thankfully my/ a/c worked good.

I needed to stop for some groceries but didn’t feel like doing it right then. So I just went on home to my bachelor apartment for a while. I was 27 and and had a room mate. Rarely did we bump into each other, because of our schedules.

Walking into my apartment, I flip on the air conditioning and grab some iced tea. I sit down on the couch and flipped through my mail, nothing but the usual marketing crap. I laid down on the couch and stared at the ceiling, listening to the hum of the a/c.

Next thing I knew, I woke up and it was a bit after 9pm. Shit. Fell asleep. Well that’s going to screw up my circadian sleep pattern for sure.

After a bit of yawning and stretching, I get up and brush my teeth and wash. I decide to head to the grocery store. At least it won’t be busy.

In the kitchen I make up a short list: ketchup, milk, eggs, buns, chicken, pizza, dental floss. It never failed though, that no matter if I had only one item on the list, I would still be at sixty dollars by the time I checked out. Grocery stores are like that. It’s like a money vacuum.

Usually I would go to the big superstore, but this time I decided to go to the local smaller chain. They always had my favorite frozen pizza in stock. It didn’t hurt that a lot of the local hot women shopped there too. And the store seemed to favor hiring good looking teen girls to stock the shelves. The store uniform was black pants and white shirts. The girls usually wore them rather tight. I wasn’t hating it.

Pulling into the grocery store lot, clearly not super busy. The downside was that this was when they did most of their restocking. So the aisles get a bit crowded with stacks of boxes.

I spotted blueberries on sale as I wandered the produce section, so I grabbed a pint of those. Got to get them while they are in season.

So I’m going around, grabbing things not on my list as usual. My former girlfriend would never let me go in alone. She said I needed supervision so as not to come out with a mile long receipt. But I had gotten better. I pretty much knew visually where the sixty dollar mark was based on what was in the cart. I can verify, that I do spend more when I am hungry, just like some news articles suggested.

I get around to the pasta aisle and am grabbing some jars of sauce.

“Hi Tom.” I hear a woman say behind me.

I look back, it’s Mary Jane. “Oh hey, how are you. Fancy meeting you here.” I said.

“Yes, small world. I needed to get some things for the weekend and didn’t want to fight the Saturday crowds.” She said.

“Oh I can relate to that. I prefer to shop weeknights when possible too.” I said.

Mary Jane had on some very sufficiently tight jeans and a button shirt. She had an ample chest. Certainly D cups for sure. I had not failed to notice. I think she caught me looking more than once while we chatted. It’s a guy thing. It happens.

“Yes, unless you come early on Saturday, it’s a madhouse here usually. Well, it was nice bumping into you. I’ll let you get back to your shopping. I look forward to seeing the new blinds up at the house. I’ll see you later.” She said.

“Thanks, you too. I’m sure whatever you decided on will look excellent. You have good taste.” I said smiling.

“Well thank you. I do try. There are quite a few windows, be sure to bring all your tools and a fully charged battery.” She said as she walked by with her cart, but this time with a noticeable sly smile as she looked over at me. Hmm, well that was interesting I thought.

“Most definitely.” I said, sort of doing a double take as she walked by. I watched her walk down the aisle, admiring the fit of her jeans. She glanced back, probably fully aware I was staring at her fine ass.

And so I continued shopping, trying to figure out if I just imagined that sly smile. I mean, I was all of twenty seven and she was easily mid forties. Does that stuff even happen in real life I wondered. It seemed like something out of a cheap seventies porn movie almost.

I finished my shopping and headed to the checkout. My total was fifty six dollars. Not bad. Not as good as the discount store, but I got my favorite pizza.

The ayaş escort cool air was nice, walking to my car and loading the bags in. I drove back home pondering my tongue enjoying Mary Jane’s pussy. I wondered if she shaved bare or had a nice trimmed bush. My cock was rock hard by the time I parked at my apartment.

I brought all the bags in and got it all put away. I kept thinking about Mary Jane.

I washed my hands and flipped on the ceiling fan in the bedroom. I stripped off my clothes since I was going to jump in the shower. But my mind kept wandering and so I laid in bed naked, stroking my cock, wondering what Mary Jane would be like to fuck. My eight inch shaft was full hard in short order as I closed my eyes and imagined her mouth on it. I could picture her nice tits hanging down on my legs as she sucked it. My balls tightened up, and I could feel the orgasm rise as I stroked my shaft faster. I shot out a big load of cum all over my stomach. Damn. I laid there wishing I had filled her pussy with it.

I got up and showered and watched a bit of late night tv since I was not tired. I think I stayed up until 2am before finally deciding to sack out for the night.

About a week went by. Days filled with the usual running around installing blinds and other window treatments. Some people had seriously bad taste. But we always say, “Oh that looks just wonderful.”

I was back in the store to bring back all the cardboard boxes from the days installs and some wallpaper books as well.

“How did it go?” Betty asked as I dragged some long boxes into the back.

“Oh fine. Everything fit, so that was good.” I said.

I finished up emptying the van of stuff and came back into the store. I went in back and washed up.

When I came back out in the store, there were two women looking through wallpaper books. I went up to the counter and talked to Betty.

“The vertical blinds for the patio door at the Meyer’s were fine this time. No problems with the rails. It worked as it should.”

“That’s good. I didn’t want to have to reorder it again.” Betty said.

“Anything else you need me to do for now?” I asked.

“Mmm…oh yes, could you put this new sale banner up in the front window.” She said.

“Yep, no problem.” I said. “Are we saving the other one?”

“Yes, just roll it up and put it in back.” Betty replied.

As I was about to go in back, in walks Mary Jane.

“Well hey Mary Jane. Fancy seeing you here.” I said smiling and returning to the front counter. It was a bit of an inside joke, since we see her fairly regularly in the store.

She was wearing a nice skirt and blouse today.

“My husband is thinking I live here part time.” She said, with a bit of humor.

Betty laughed. “Well tell him he is welcome to come in and help choose fabrics.”

I smiled and said, “Oh yea, that’s what every guy wants to do, go fabric shopping.”

“So do I get to see Tom tomorrow?” Mary Jane asked Betty, smiling.

Betty looked at the schedule book, and said, “Yep, the rest of your blinds came in yesterday. Is it okay if I move you to 11am for tomorrow?”

“Yes, that’s fine. I have tomorrow off anyway.” Mary Jane replied.

“Tom, could you go double check her blinds in back, and make sure they are all good.” Betty said.

“Yep, I will go have a look.” I said.

The women looking at wallpaper books had made themselves at home at the tables with various books open across the table.

I went in back and found all Mary Jane’s items. I opened them all up and had a good look. The one box was bashed on the end a bit, but thankfully no damage to the blind. There was a longer box. A two on one head rail setup. That was marked “master bed.” All was fine with that one too.

I went back out front with a frustrated look. Walking up to the counter, I shook my head.

“Oh no, don’t tell me I have to reorder.” Betty said with a worried look.

“Uh oh.” Mary Jane said, looking worried as well.

Shaking my head I said, “I thought for sure they would be all good. Annnnnd they are.” I smiled.

“Ohhh, he’s teasing us.” Mary Jane said, laughing.

Betty gave me “the look” at her seat behind the counter. “Don’t you have a sign to hang?” She asked.

I looked at Mary Jane and smiled, “All work and no play. Oh well, I’ll see you tomorrow morning then.”

She smiled and said, “I promise not to work you too hard.”

I walked to the back again to get the ladder. I brought it up front to the main display window and after some fussing about, got it in position. Mary Jane and Betty were over at the wallpaper books flipping through pages.

Reaching up to the top of the window, I got the tape off the upper end of the large sign and carefully rolled it lower and got it completely off the window. The new sale sign was a bit smaller. I grabbed some tape off the counter, and got the new sign in position. I walked outside to have a look. It needed to be positioned a bit lower. A few minutes ankara escort later and it’s done. I folded up the ladder and walked it to the back.

Mary Jane and Betty were sitting at the round table now in the back of the store by the fabrics. As I walked by, I looked at Mary Jane’s stocking clad legs. She caught me looking. I smiled as if nothing happened. She definitely had nice legs. Damn nice legs.

I spent a bit of time in back cutting up the leftover cardboard boxes for recycling. This building was built around the 1900’s I think. It was dark and kind of creepy feeling with the lack of enough lighting back there.

After washing up, I went back up to the front of the store. Betty and Mary Jane were now chatting in front of the counter.

“Thanks for getting that sign up.” Betty said to me. “It looks like Mary Jane will be the only install tomorrow. The other woman had to reschedule.”

“Ok, that’s fine with me. It will take me a while anyway, there are quite a few blinds and toppers that need to go up.” I said.

Mary Jane said, “I’ll be there to lend a hand if you need help with any of them.”

“I may take you up on that for the long head rail on that one blind.” I said. “Well I will see you tomorrow.”

“I’ll be there.” Mary Jane replied.

The ladies continued their decorating discussions and I headed out for the day.

The heat of summer was full on this week. I was ready for Fall. The whole sweating in a few minutes of walking and then burning on the car seats loses its appeal fast. I drove straight home and got the a/c on high and relaxed the rest of the evening.

I laid on the couch and let the ceiling fan work its magic for a bit. I fell asleep for a while and woke up with a nice hard on. Funny how they sneak up you when you wake. I stretched and yawned and looked out the window. Getting myself upright and resting my head in my hands, I sat there for a minute.

Pondering my beverage selection in the fridge I got up and went to the kitchen. I grabbed some pomegranate juice and ice. Not as good as freshly juiced, but it would do.

I went into the bath and looked at my stubble. Time to shave. So I filled the sink a small bit with warm water. I had an electric razor, but it was terribly slow compared to using the disposable blades. I took off my shirt and lathered up. In a few minutes I was smooth skinned once again.

Stripping down to jump in the shower, I looked at the pubes. They needed some trimming too. I took out the more powerful plug in electric trimmer and tossed a bath towel on the floor. It actually takes longer to trim the pubes than to shave my face. And it was high time to shave my balls again. After much trimming, lathering, and shaving, I was once again looking less like a wild beast from the woods and more like an aerodynamic sex machine. And I was unanimous in that observation.

Hopping in the shower, I set the temp on the cooler side. Fifteen minutes later, I am done. Putting on shorts and a t-shirt, I headed to the couch and flipped on the television. Just in time for another episode of “This Old House.” I don’t know why, but I liked the show. Not that I had a house. Maybe one day something I have seen on the show will come in handy.

Midnight rolled around, and I was ready to call it a night.

In the kitchen, I cleaned up the counters and checked what I had available for breakfast. Looked like a possible omelet could be whipped up. That’s if I had the bleary eyed energy to do it in the morning.

While I brushed and flossed, I realized my nails needed trimming. Figured I may as well do them now. Out came the clippers. Fingernails were easy enough, but toenails were always a bit awkward. Trying to hold the small trash can in place, while sitting on the tub edge and then inevitably shooting a few nails across the room onto the floor somewhere. My OCD was not strong enough now to want to bother chasing them down.

I filed the rough edges off my fingernails and that was it for the night. The cool sheet and pillow felt good as I laid down with the ceiling fan wafting air around. Sighing and staring at the ceiling for a while, I realized I forgot to put the trash out. Damn. Oh well, I wasn’t about to get up now.

I set the timer on my alarm clock, as I slowly drifted off to dreamland.

My alarm went off and my arm flailed around to silence the rude awakening.

I sighed and stretched, somehow managing to cramp up my right foot in the process. I laid there a while to let it subside. My morning erection was in full display. I definitely miss those mornings where I could roll over and fuck my girlfriend half asleep. I’m pretty sure she fell back asleep a few of those times while I was slow fucking her. That was amusing when it happened. Then again, I was pretty sure she could sleep though an early morning nuclear blast some days.

Oh well, single life meant I didn’t have to wait for the bath, or deal with her long hair everywhere. And I could watch whatever I wanted on television. So there were up sides as well.

I stumble out of bed, waver over to the bath and splash water on my face in the sink. There is a reason I never became a firefighter. It takes me an hour just to wake up in the morning usually. I’m like a sloth the first hour of the day.

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